1. Feed your body, mind and spirit, literally.  There’s no doubt that some foods are a lot more powerful than others, and that includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds; some spices like turmeric and cinnamon; and herbs, such as parsley and garlic. 2. Manage stress.  Stress is inevitable and if you don’t learn to manage it,

    With an emphasis on the mind-body-spirit connection, Pilates  (originally called Contrology) is a system of exercise focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, with controlled movements, muscle strength, spinal alignment and deep breathing. Pilates, which can be done either with special machines or on the floor, concentrates on the core muscles—the “girdle”

  Modern life has made it pretty difficult for us to keep track of the changing seasons, but nature celebrates growth and constant renewal. That’s inspiring and energizing, leading to increased mental focus and better clarity, supporting the mind-body-spirit connection. So whether it’s mind, body, health, friends, family, diet, or more, keep these in mind

  We can mail someone with the click of a mouse.  Have insomnia?  No problem because, at any time, you can get the most current newsfeeds.  How about multi-tasking? Clean the house, talk on the phone, tend to the kids and pets, pay the bills and write that report, all at the same time. Technology

Here at pluggz we are all about exploring different health communities so we were very excited to connect with yoga Master, Vanessa Spina. We chatted with her about everyone’s  favorite (or least favorite!) yoga move- backbends. Did you know? Backbends have many health benefits and are recommended as a holistic alternative for heart patients. When